Image Indexer

by Joshua Szmajda

The indexer is a php script (one file) which automatically creates thumbnails and low-quality versions of images from originals. It then displays the index in a friendly, easy to navigate system.

The indexer uses imagemagick's 'convert' tool to handle resizing files. Convert seems to be pre-installed on most systems, and if not, only a few libraries are required to run it.

In addition to the standard view, a 'single' image view is provided, with automatic slideshow.

Breadcrum navigation is provided for directory traversal without losing the user.

The indexer requires that all directories to be indexed be writable by the user the script is run as (most often this is the web server user, although suid php setups have been tested and known to work).

Get it from the SF project page: Here

Examples of Indexer in action:
My Personal site
A Customized look
A site using some different features

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